Clean up!

Butano Broomcraft is located at the mouth of Butano Canyon in Pescadero, California. Brooms are available locally in Pescadero shops and via custom orders. Find them at:

Pie Ranch Farm Stand - Seasonal goodness such as produce, pies, and local goods. They are located on Hwy 1 south of Pescadero and stock several styles of whisk and hearth brooms.

Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival - 17 & 18 August 2024 at the Pescadero I.D.E.S. Grounds, 22 Stage Road. I'll be there both days. Come enjoy the music, art, and vendors!

Custom orders closed until after the Festival.

Butano Broomcraft Featured in The 650

Turkey Wing Whisk Brooms for Best of Pescadero

All brooms are handmade using high-quality broomcorn, twine, and local materials such as driftwood, myrtle, hazel, and bull kelp.

Hekate Altar Brooms

Very special whisk made only on the new moon using obsidian, red jasper, clear quartz, and an antique skeleton key.

Handy Little Whisk Brooms

Beautiful, strong, and functional—these whisks are made to last with high-quality broom corn and fishing net seine twine.

Sea Creature Brooms

Sea Creature Brooms are made with local driftwood and the long, thin fiber of bull kelp. Nothing sweeps up sand better!

Everyday Kitchen Broom

Practical Magic? Keep your space physically and energetically tidy with tools that you love.

Green Witch Hawk's Tail Whisk

Green witches and hedge witches, these are for you. Beautiful enough for ceremony, and sturdy enough for daily use.

Flying Besoms

Perfect for cobwebs, dusting ceiling fans, and full moon flights (flying ointment not included). 

Meet the Maker

Lisa is a wildlife biologist with a broom-making obsession. She finds inspiration in the land and loves working with local materials. Lisa lives with her family in Butano Canyon, Pescadero, California on unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land, where the turkey vultures circle overhead all year long and remind her to clean up! Follow Lisa's Instagram @lisasheffieldguy to learn more about her broom-making process and the creatures and plants that make the Pescadero area so magical.


Pescadero, California